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Lameness Evaluations
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Lameness Evaluations

Evaluating overall soundness and determining what factors are affecting the horse's movement are the primary focus at Alvie Equine. There are many conditions identified in the lameness exam which may just need periodic management, particularly our sport horse athletes who may benefit from routine joint injections of hocks, coffin joints and/or stifles. This maintenance includes injection of steroid, antibiotic and hyaluronic acid directly into a surgically prepared joint. The steroid decreases inflammation in the joint itself, antibiotic to protect against infection and hyaluronic acid to act as lubricant in a situation where the joint fluid may be inadequate. We may diagnose an injury to tendon or bone; we then work with you to find the best treatment protocol possible for you and your horse. Each lameness case is different and how it is managed is determined by a number of factors, fortunately with the diagnostics and treatment options currently available a positive resolution is more likely to take place.

Spending the time to arrive at a diagnosis is integral to determining the best course of treatment. At Alvie Equine, because this is our primary focus, there will always be adequate time to pursue a diagnosis, consult with experts in referral centers when necessary, perform treatments and offer follow-up.

There are a number of diagnostic steps taken when evaluating lameness:

  • Observe horse in hand on straight line and on a circle, on both a hard and soft surface and if necessary under saddle

  • Perform flexion tests

  • Use local anesthetics to localize the lameness

  • Digital x-rays

  • Digital ultrasound

  • Referral to teaching hospital for further diagnostics including MRI, Scintigraphy.


Therapeutic procedures offered are:

  • Systemic and/or intra-joint medications

  • IRAP

  • PRP

  • Shockwave Therapy- Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Remedial Farriery

  • Referral to local equine chiropractor