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Shockwave Therapy
Shockwave Therapy

Shockwaves are high-pressure, low frequency sound waves, generated by a device outside the body and applied to the affected tissue in a site-specific manner. When the shockwaves meet tissue interfaces of different densities, the energy contained in the shockwaves is released and interacts with the tissue. The shockwaves appear to relieve pain and accelerate healing within the injured tissue. Primarily the sound waves provide a mechanism to stimulate the healing process by interacting with the affected structures. In addition, it blocks pain conduction in the nerves for a period of time.

This type of therapy was originally used to treat human beings with kidney stones, it allowed for the breaking up of the stones without the need for invasive surgery. More recently, shockwaves have been used to treat a range of orthopedic conditions in both human and veterinary medicine. Besides its use for kidney stones in people, the other common applications which are similar to its use in equine medicine involve treatments for "tennis elbow", heel spurs, tendon issues involving the shoulder and selected non-union fractures. There are multiple equine orthopedic conditions that are similar to these human conditions and involve joint disease, soft tissue injuries and injuries to the interface of ligaments with bone.

Specific conditions that can improve with shockwave therapy are as follows:

  • Caudal Heel Pain
  • Navicular Disease/ Syndrome
  • Joint Inflamation
  • Tendon or Ligament Injuries
  • Back Pain
  • Kissing Spines
  • Sacro-iliac Pain
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Splints
  • Ringbone