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Digital X-Ray
Digital Ultrasound
Digital X-Ray

Digital x-rays are quickly becoming standard for equine practice. They are superior to standard x-rays for a number of reasons;

         ·         Images can be viewed immediately, to assess quality and exposure. The radiographic view can be repeated if necessary at no further cost.


         ·           Softwareaccompanying the best systems, gives us the ability to manipulate the image enabling us to diagnose subtle lesions we may not have seen on traditional radiographs.


         ·         The digital images deliver an incredible level of detail, making the digital x-ray an invaluable tool for diagnostic lameness or dental cases, giving us the ability to diagnose orthopedic conditions, which would otherwise be difficult to diagnose with conventional radiography.

Alvie Equine utilizes portable digital x-ray equipment to generate high quality images in the field.  Once images have been taken they can be saved to a disc or emailed to clients, other veterinarians and farriers ensuring we can work as a team to reach  the best possible treatment plan for each individual horse.

Digital radiography is crucial for prepurchase examinations so the potential purchaser has immediate information to help the decision making process.

Examples of Digital Radiographs

Some photos of x-rays and an explanation of what is being seen....kissing spine.