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Digital X-Ray
Digital Ultrasound
Digital Ultrasound





Ulltrasound image quality has improved significantly over the last 10 years. High quality diagnostic images can now be produced on smaller portable digital ultrasound machines. Lameness examination and nerve blocks identify the painful area then xrays and ultrasound images are used to identify the lesion.

It is now becoming routine to use digital ultrasound to monitor the healing of soft tissue injuries, including tendon and ligament tears. Ultrasound is particularly important when we use the advanced regenerative techniques of PRP and Stem cell therapy to aid the healing process. These procedures involve injecting the PRP or Stem cells directly into the lesion, while visualizing the area with ultrasound.

Ultrasound is not only beneficial for musculoskeletal injuries. This modality is also useful to check for pregnancy, visualize the gastro-intestinal tract in a colic situation or to image the TMJ in some dental conditions.

Ultrasound images: including PRP images.