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Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) has been used in china for more than 3000 years and recently has been growing in popularity as an adjunct to western medicine. Veterinary acupuncture in China was primarily used to treat agricultural animals such as horses, cattle and pigs due to their economic importance. In recent years the same principles have been adapted for our companion animals such as dogs and cats.

TCVM believes in balance of the body, if there is imbalance we see disease. Energy or Qi (pronounced Chi) flows through the meridians or energy channels of the body; if there is disruption to the smooth flow of energy we see disease or pain. Acupuncture uses strategic needle placement to allow this smooth flow of energy and release any blockages or stagnation.  Electrical stimulation of various points helps to increase the effect.

Western medicine and TCVM both use clinical history and physical examination to make a diagnosis or identify a pattern. In western medicine we would use further diagnostics such as blood work or radiographs to gather more information.  In TCVM we examine the tongue, palpate the pulse and various “shu” points to identify a pattern diagnosis. A pattern diagnosis allows us not only to treat the perceived problem area but also to treat the whole body balance to prevent recurrence and maintain overall mental and physical health.

This “whole body treatment” is very beneficial in our equine athletes to treat numerous musculoskeletal problems including back pain, muscle stiffness, tendon and ligament problems. We can treat the immediate problem and also balance the energy to prevent further injuries and maintain mental and physical health.

At Alvie Equine we aim to integrate western diagnostics and treatment protocols with TCVM to achieve the most effective response to treatment.